At Breage C of E School, we follow six Christian values, which impact all areas of school life. These values are...

  • Forgiveness
  • Respect
  • Forgiveness
  • Honesty
  • Care
  • Friendship

Each half term we focus on a particular value within our school and look out for people who are demonstrating this value. We celebrate these examples together and use them to develop each other and ourselves.

As a Church of England School, we are monitored through an inspection called SIAMS. This is an inspection that focuses on the religious aspects of our school including our school vision and how we live this on a daily basis through assemblies, RE lessons, the ethos of the school and staff as well as the social, moral, spiritual and cultural opportunities the school provides for its pupils. 

Our last inspection was carried out on 13th June 2017, and we were thrilled to gain the grade of Good. 

Collective Worship

At Breage C of E, we join together every day for collective worship as we value the importance of coming together in unison as a family. We have different Worship Leaders who take each day within the week.

During collective worship children are given many opportunities to be involved and engaged. Children take part through joining as a whole school and singing together, they are also often asked to lead prayers and times of reflection. 

Bible stories and topics covered are linked to our Christian values or topical issues and during worship children are engaged by reflecting on how these teachings can impact on their lives and the decisions they make.

Children are also invited to share any of their personal celebrations within collective worship.

Our reflection and prayer time allows all of our pupils to think about what they have gained from our Collective Worship regardless of pupils' individual faiths, religions and beliefs. This time of our Collective Worship is used to show our mutual respect for others. 


Spiritual, Moral, Social and Cultural Development


Our children have a clearly defined sense of right and wrong underpinned through Christian values and the teachings of Jesus. In addition, they are guided toward consideration of wider moral issues through their study themes and classroom discussion and debate.


Our children genuinely care about and consider the feelings of others. They take their social responsibilities seriously both locally, nationally and internationally through charitable support and child sponsorship.
Cultural and Multi-Cultural

The provision we make to support the cultural development of our children is extensive. Their understanding of their own cultural heritage is extended through studies of Cornish art, language and literature.

Through our study of other faiths, multi-cultural focus days and our residential visits we ensure our children fully understand and appreciate Britain as a multi-cultural country.

We have very close links with our Church, Methodist Chapel, The Light & Life Church, Helston and Truro Cathedral.

Breage C of E Primary School
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